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  • A drawing of Tadora, a brown-skinned cat person with a purple shirt. A gray tabby named Buterbrod is sitting on her lap.

    Tadora and her cat Buterbrod can be downloaded today for the low low price of free! You're gonna love them i promise.

    Also did I mention she has the ability to let you go through duolingo-like lessons? She has the ability to let you go through duolingo-like lessons. And if you have a correctly formatted .txt file, all you need to do is drop it on her and she'll add it to her list of custom lessons!!! So you should totally find somebody who makes those if you're not interested in belarusian.
    Oh did I not mention the belarusian? She's meant to help you with belarusian. It's really cool, trust me. You should learn belarusian. You should download Tadora to help you. She's great. She has a bunch of links to other resources which I spent a total of like maybe ten minutes copy/pasting from a different ghost of mine. She has a cat named Buterbrod. You can pet the cat. The cat will purr. Learn belarusian. Please talk to me about learning belarusian. I will be very excited to hear that you, too, are learning belarusian. If you already know belarusian talk to me anyways I need help with the inbuilt lessons. Send me a message on tumblr. You aren't even limited by language for custom lessons so long as you have the right keyboards.

    An example gif of Tadora's first lesson.
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    Credit: 98.css from jdan on github